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Management Services

Sirius lives up to its motto of “Setting Standards Others Dream of Achieving.”  We do this by delivering to the golfer what they want - an outstanding golf experience, and delivering to the owner what they want - greater profitability.  To us, providing outstanding customer service is not a goal, it is a requirement.  We cannot control how a golfer plays, but we can control almost everything else (except the weather!).  Our courses are always kept in premium condition.  And we make our customers feel welcome from the moment they arrive till the moment they leave.  And our staff are trained to go beyond the expected in customer service.  

While providing an outstanding golfing experience is key to getting customers to return, we also know how to get them there the first time with expert cost-effective marketing.  Prior to getting into the golfing industry 20 years ago, our founder, John Wait, owned a marketing company.  We understand the importance of good marketing and know how to make every marketing dollar count.

And while increasing volume is important, we also know  how to improve yield.  We understand that if your marketing strategy is built around discounting, then the customers you get are those that are loyal to the dollar, not to you.  Thus, if someone comes along offering a cheaper product that customer is gone.  Instead, we believe in building loyalty through providing a better product.  

We also know how to maximize alternative revenue streams such as food & beverage, merchandise sales and the driving range.  Our merchandise sales are always among the highest in the industry.  We strongly believe in having a strong food & beverage program, including beverage carts, and we know how to do so profitably – keeping quality high and costs low.

Our innovative programming allows us to bring new golfers to course - both juniors and adults.  And where appropriate, we believe in having a great league program.  We are also adept at recruiting and running tournaments and outings.  

Our management solutions include:

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