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You’re Not Happy With Your Profits?


Sirius Golf Advisors (SGA) can help you improve your profitability and cash flow almost immediately!  Our consultants can help you analyze and improve every aspect of your operation.  Profitability and cash flow can be improved by either:

1) Reducing costs through better cost controls, improved ordering and accounting procedures to eliminate waste and take advantage of vendor incentives and pricing plans, better employee training to reduce inefficiencies, and better debt management; and/or

2) Improving income, through cost-effective advertising, strategic marketing, better pricing plans, improving the "golf experience", increasing pro shop sales, increasing revenues from food and beverage and driving range, and increasing memberships.  We can help you fill your off-peak times with profitable play as well as improve your overall revenue per round.

SGA believes strongly in the concept of value – giving the golfer the best golfing experience possible for the green fee being charged.  Improving the value of the golfing experience will lead to increased repeat play and increased word-of-mouth advertising.  Factors that can be changed readily to improve the golf experience include customer service, course maintenance, course playability, appropriate pricing, pace of play and general course and pro shop appearance.  SGA can help you in any or all of these areas.  Let's get started!

Success Story:  An example of how we are able to dramatically produce results can be found in Carrollton Texas.  When they came to us, the City was experiencing a $750,000 negative cash flow from their 36-hole operation, Indian Creek.  We were able to show them why they were losing so much money.  But equally important, we were also able to show them how to dramatically increase their revenue by repositioning the course and improving services.  Bottom line, two years later Carrollton had a $250,000 positive cash flow from Indian Creek - a $1,000,000/year turn around in cash flow on an operation that had only been generating less than $2,000,000 in total sales.


SGA offers the following services to help you improve your profitability:

Consulting Services

It is also important to keep in mind that for every dollar of increased profits, the market value of the course increases by $10.  Most courses today are sold as a function of profits.  By improving your profitability, you are not only helping your cash flow, but you are increasing the asset value of your course.  Let SGA help!


SGA offers the following services to help you improve your profitability:

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