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Sirius Real Estate, LLC

Sirius Real Estate LLC  6544 Mink Drive, Midland GA 31820  904-576-6383

Non-Disclosure and Agency Form

Before any specific information can be released regarding any property, we request you complete and sign a nondisclosure/buyer agency agreement.  You can download the form at the bottom of the page.

As you will note, it is “nonexclusive”, meaning you can work with other brokers.  We only ask that you let me know who they are so that we don’t step on any toes.

As a “Buyers Agent”, we work for you, not the seller.  As such, we not only help you find the right opportunity, we help you negotiate the best price.  Everything you tell us is kept in strictest confidence as our loyalty is to you.  

It is important to know that most of the time we are paid the same way any other agent is – by the seller as the selling agent.  However, there are two times when you may be responsible for paying our commission.  The first is when the course is being sold by the owner without listing it with a broker and the seller refuses to pay a commission.  The second time is when the course is listed with a broker who refuses to share commissions.  In either case, it would be fully disclosed to you that our fee would be on top of the selling price you pay prior to you making any offer.  However, even in these circumstances, it is often possible to get the seller to pay our fee as part of the negotiating process.

Please look over the agreement and call me at 904-576-6383 or email me at jwait@siriusgolf.com with any questions or concerns.  If satisfactory, simply complete, scan and email back to me at jwait@siriusgolf.com.  

Sirius Golf Advisors started as a golf course consulting and management company in the mid-1990s.  We specialized in doing feasibility studies, short-term management, operational evaluations, marketing, and turn-around management.  And while we have since broadened our service offerings into brokerage through our sister company, Sirius Real Estate, LLC,  we have not lost our consultative background.  Our approach in helping you find the right opportunity is that of a consultant as opposed to a sales agent.  We want to help you find the opportunity that is best for you.  And if we feel something isn’t right, we are not afraid to tell you.  We would rather sacrifice a commission than cost a client millions of dollars.

As you may be aware, Sirius has a database of over 500 courses that are for sale.  Only some of which we have on our website.  Hopefully, one of these will be right for you!




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Request Form


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