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Sirius Real Estate, LLC

Sirius Real Estate LLC  6544 Mink Drive, Midland GA 31820  904-576-6383

Want to sell your golf course?  Sirius can help!

We offer a number of services to help you sell your course FAST and for TOP DOLLAR. These include:

Market value of your course

Optimal time to sell

How to present your course for maximum value

Alternatives to selling, if you really don’t want to sell, but are feeling pressure to do so.

Prospectus or Business Plan preparation

When deciding to sell your course, you basically have three choices:

But Sirius is different!  When we list a course, we target both the local and national markets!

The Sirius Advantage:

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Find out what your course is worth in today’s market!  We will provide you with a Broker’s Opinion of Value, which not only provides what the course is worth on the open market, but can often be used in lieu of a more expensive appraisal by banks, etc.

In addition to determining your course’s value as a golf course, we will advise you as to what the highest and best use may be for your property, which may be other than a golf course.  In this case, we will provide you with the market value based on this usage.

In determining value, we will utilize both local and national trends.

Unsure as to whether to sell or not?  We provide consulting services to help you determine whether selling is the best option or not and what your other options may be.  We can also advise you as to when to sell.  Further, as revenue and profitability are the biggest determining factors in the market value of golf courses, we can help you improve your revenue and cash flow and thus increase the value of your course.

Other services include:

We offer a number of marketing packages that can help you sell your course fast, whether you are an owner or a broker.  These packages are designed to meet your needs and your budget.

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Real Estate Agents an Brokers receive a 10% discount.

There are many situations where new management is needed to continue operating the course until it is sold.  Whether your need is through an estate situation, foreclosure or simply poor previous management, we can help!

Selling Your Course

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Marketing and Advertising

Sirius provides comprehensive management services that will assure your course is operated professionally until it is sold.  But we are not just a caretaker!  In most cases, we are able to both improve course conditions and profitability, both of which are essential when trying to sell your course.  Further, as we are also in the business of selling golf courses, whether or not we are the listing agent, we can make sure the golf course is presented optimally to any prospective buyer.

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