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Who We Are

Sirius Golf Advisors, LLC (SGA) is an alliance of professionals within the golfing industry with specific expertise in the planning, design, building and operations of golf courses. Member individuals and companies include:

John S. Wait

President, Sirius Golf Advisors, LLC

Unlike most golf course consultants and managers, John did not grow up in golf, but came into the golf industry after having been a successful entrepreneur and marketing consultant. His varied background has proven an asset in golf course evaluations because he has been able to take his non-golf business expertise and successfully apply it to golf. His insight and expertise have made him one of golf’s most sought after analysts.  Let him put his 20 years’ experience to work for you!

John graduated in three years from the University of Kansas with Honors and a double major.  He received his Master's Degree from KU in 1978.  In 1980, John founded Encore Copy Corps in Lawrence, Kansas.  Encore was a unique company which received acclaim for its innovative services that combined copying, binding and the new (at that time) field of word processing services.  John was also recognized for his creative and effective advertising program.  In 1982, John joined Scriptomatic, an international manufacturer of addressing equipment.  He quickly rose from District Manager to National Marketing Manager.  When the company was sold and new management was hired, John moved to Durham, North Carolina, where in 1985, he formed IBS Mail Marketing.  IBS provided comprehensive marketing services that included market research, creating marketing strategies, graphic design, printing, data services, mailing services and fulfillment services.  IBS relocated three times in four years to handle its rapid growth and its eventual 21 employees (after starting with three).  John sold IBS in 1989.  John then began a career as a financial consultant, specializing in working with small businesses. He also got his real estate license in 1990.  A few years later, recognizing a need in the golf industry, John began to work with area golf facilities to improve their marketing. In 1994, John joined Club Development Properties, a golf course development company, as Director of Marketing where he provided both marketing and financial analysis expertise.  In 1995, John formed Sirius Golf Advisors.  Sirius performed market feasibility studies for golf courses and accompanying real estate development as well as marketing and business consulting to existing operations.  In addition to his work with Sirius, John has managed four courses, two daily fee and two private.  He has worked as a subcontractor for several other consulting companies, including Signet Golf Associates, American ClubServ and the National Golf Foundation (NGF).  As of this writing, John has conducted over 50 feasibility studies, over 40 operational evaluations, and has worked with numerous courses on improving their marketing and/or operating efficiency. In 2004, John formed Sirius Real Estate, LLC, a real estate firm that works exclusively as a golf course brokerage.  In 2008, John relocated Sirius to the Dallas area and set up a satellite office in Dallas.

While John has managed four different facilities, his work as a consultant has allowed him to become intimately familiar with the operations of over a hundred facilities with exposure to many hundred more.  He has worked with facilities managed by the top management companies in the industry.  As a result, he has learned what strategies work and when, and which ones do not.  

John has established himself as a leader in the golf course consulting industry and one of the foremost experts on municipal golf operations.  He has had numerous presentations at industry shows, including “How to Improve Profitability by Increasing Participation Among Women and Minorities” at the Golf Inc. show in Dallas, October 2012.  In 2014, he presented “Impact of Renovation and Rebranding on Performance” at the Crittenden Golf Conference in Phoenix.  This presentation included the results of a ground breaking study by Sirius for the National Golf Foundation examining how renovations and rebranding affected performance on 20 Dallas area municipal golf courses.